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Introduction to Statement Reviews
This webinar provides campaigns with an overview of what a statement review is, common reports that may be included, and best practices to help campaigns respond timely and completely.
Meet NYC Votes Contribute (Promotional)
Are you planning on accepting credit card contributions? Get a brief overview of NYC Votes Contribute (nycvotes.org) to see how this CFB-created credit card contribution tool will enhance your campaign’s current fundraising.
NYC Votes Contribute Orientation
This presentation is aimed at CFB-registered campaigns and covers NYC Votes Contribute, a tool campaigns can use to collect credit card contributions online. It gives an overview of the tool, including how to sign up and general compliance and C-SMART instructions.
An Introduction to Compliance Visits
This presentation will help prepare you for a compliance visit with the CFB. Learn what to expect, what to bring, and other information that will ensure a productive visit.